Pure Intent

Pure intent is a palpable life-force; an actually occurring stream of benevolence and benignity that originates in the vast and utter stillness that is the essential character of the universe itself.

- Richard

The actualism method is all about imitating the actual. If one thinks of the actual universe as a magical, benevolent, alive (but non-sentient), glorious, scintillating and infinite thing – then pure intent is our human experience of all of this: our connection to this radiant dimension of the universe. But as feeling beings we are many times removed from this purity. Feelings are a gross distortion of it. The intention to feel happy and harmless or to be rid of the human condition, is the surface manifestation of pure intent but quite removed from its quality. It can even feel like a kind of morality, because as feeling beings we try and interpret it in terms that makes sense to us – feeling being terms. But this is not to be poo-poohed, because it is a first and necessary step. Feeling happy and harmless brings us closer to pure intent. Down the track one realises that the feelings (however 'actualist') were only covering over something very sublime, sweet and magical i.e. pure intent. This is encountered usually in EE's and PCE's. It's also something I realised later on I experienced a lot as a young child.

But tapping into pure intent isn't a one and done thing. Not at first. You encounter it many times at first and forget it. (NB: Even at a late stage when you are not that far from self-immolation, you will need to periodically regress back to intending to feel happy and harmless and investigating obstacles, rather than simply riding the wind of pure intent. That's how persistent feeling being/social identity are) Eventually you find ways to keep it around for longer and longer. Because without it actualism starts to segway into a kind of morality or some kind of self-help thing. Something from outside 'you' needs to get in there somewhere. Also living with pure intent is like life on steroids! It's like carrying a bit of PCE with you everywhere.

From The AFT Website